von Thomas Heine

Procure4Peace: How Can Procurement Professionals Help Ukrainians?

Sammeli Sammalkorpi, CEO of SIEVO, started reaching out to his network of procurement and supply chain professionals. Together with the Ukrainian Association in Finland, supplies were quickly transported to Poland free of charge. The focus then quickly expanded to how the Global Procurement community could help. Global procurement professionals have extra inventory, supply chain channels, and sourcing talent which can be mobilized to help Ukraine. Procure4Peace hopes to connect those looking to help with the real needs in Ukraine.


Congratulation for your commitment towards the people in Ukraine. You have established a global procurement initiative for help: procure4peace. I have never seen such a quick response from procurement professionals in order to help people in danger. How could that happen?

Putin administration's horrible attack against Ukraine has created strong willingness by west to support. This level of willingness to help is something that at least I haven't seen in my lifetime. What we are trying to do is merely to channel this energy so that it would have a positive influence. Social platforms, such as LinkedIn, enable mobilization and coordination of professionals at a speed that was not possible before.

What is your main work in the initiative? Are you collecting money ore donations?

By and large, money is not an issue right now in Ukraine - there's lot of donations coming in. The unique value that global procurement community in is skills to turn needs and money to concrete supplies - basically, doing procurement work to support Ukraine.

How do you recognize the needs in Ukraine?

This comes from Ukrainians that are part of the initiative. There are different networks in Ukraine thta consolidate the needs. We are trying to bridge these needs to the awareness of global procurement community.

How can people join your initiative? And what can they do?

Join procure4peace LinkedIn group, and visit The concrete help people can give, is to act on hep requests. Exaemplary requests solved this far inclue e.g. providing assistance in explaining custom procedure to linking people at certain suppliers.